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App Redesign Project 

Mobile app • Redesign • Branding • Personas • Wireframes • Flowcharts • User Interface • Prototyping

Project overview

This project was to recreate and improve a mobile app of any choice. This project was focused on building prototyping, wireframing, persona and low and high-fidelity designs.  

Untitled_Artwork 52.jpg


Some of the goals of this project were to revise the problematic areas and to further improve the user experience of the selected app.

Untitled_Artwork 53.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 54.jpg

01 revise the flow

One of the first steps was to look at how the app was structured to make sure there aren't any problems in the flow and the user interactions. The flow of the app its self was neat, but the overall features were minimal and confusing. 

02 compare and contrast 

To further, proceed to the next step of this project, we were asked to look into other similar apps to have a SWAT analysis of this redesigned app。


Sigma Planner


03 Card sorting and user flow

Before going straight into creating a user flow, we were asked to have a card sorting activity to user test a rough user flow.


3 participants are invited to group the 20 words that represent a common schedule app. They are the friend of mine


2 of the participant have used similar apps and the others have not. They have organized the keywords into their own suitable format and grouping.


Compare and discuss the overall similarities of the grouping of the key words, along with feedback.


Come up with an overall map that overlaps the different grouping and draft a mental model.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 10.03.27 PM.png

Card sorting outcome

04 user testing 

The users were asked to follow the given scenarios to test out the redesigned app. This testing explores and analyzes my target audience's behaviour when interacting with the app, further it digs out problematic areas of the app.


05 Logo designing  

Since the app has been almost fully redesigned, it also needed a new logo and icon. The icon is a combination of a calendar and grad hat

Group 264.jpg

06 Lastest UI  

Untitled_Artwork 54.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 52.jpg


As the first app redesign project and app designing, almost all aspects throughout the process could be improved. I learned that designing is a non-linear process that brings me back into the first step multiple times. Instead of thinking about creating something very polished in the beginning, the importance is the always revise and improve.


  • increment motion functionality to the screen to improve user experience

  • collect more user testings between iterations than just assumptions 

Untitled_Artwork 53.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 51.jpg
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