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By: Felicia Sugiarta, Leanne Liu, Sarah Kim, Jessica Huang

Social Hive Project 

Service Design • Mobile app • Redesign • Branding • Personas • Flowcharts • User Interface • Prototyping

Project overview

The Hive is a project about a Covid-friendly social space that allows individuals to enjoy family and outdoor times in a relaxed environment under social distancing restrictions.


In a team of 4, we are tackling the problem of "how might we create a safe, social-distancing playground for the community to enjoy during and after the pandemic?"

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01 Research

Breaking the question into smaller problems to arise ideations and possible pain points.

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02 Ideate

Based on the research finding, we created sketches from covid inspired architecture.

03 User Journey & Touch Point map

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 10.03.27 PM.png

04 Persona

We created 3 kinds of groups of users, but ultimately, we are also considering having them be within a family.

05 Campaign poster &  prototype mockup  

Paper Map by Jessica Huang

Poster by Felicia Sugiarta

Mockup By Sarah Kim

Poster by Jessica Huang

06 Lastest prototype  

App prototype by Felicia Sugiarta

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